Niche doors

joro Nischentüren

Sometimes a door should be as little noticeable as possible. For this we have developed the niche doors, which disappear very discreetly into the wall niche.

When fully opened, joro niche doors stand flush in a wall niche. It's elegant and inconspicuous. In addition, the maximum passage width of the corridor is retained. The door element can be optimally integrated into the wall and is barely noticeable thanks to the minimal joint width of approx. 15 mm. When required, however, the niche doors are immediately on hand to fulfill their function: as T30, T90 fire protection, smoke control, XXL, etc.

joro Multifunktionstüren

Multifunctional doors – functions can be combined!

Got lots of different functional requirements? No problem! With joro, you can combine almost all functions in multifunctional doors. Tell us what you want – joro has the door for you.

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joro niche doors are available in all dimensions and designs described above, 1 and 2-leaf in T0, T30, T60, T90, RS, etc.


  • Fully integrated into the wall
  • Narrow joints of just 15 mm ensure a barely visible interruption of door and wall
  • The door element can be directly painted over with wall paint
  • Niche depth of only approx. 17.5 cm is sufficient


  • Fire compartment door
  • Available as T30, T90, RS, panic door
  • Large buildings
  • Wallpaper door

Niche doors product data sheet

Here you can download our data sheet on joro plano 1-leaf niche doors as a PDF.

joro PDF Download

Here you can download our data sheet on joro plano 2-leaf niche doors as a PDF.

joro PDF Download

Larger dimensions on request.

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