Lightweight doors

joro Leichtbautüren

Easy in installation and in use.

joro has also managed to implement XXL formats in a special lightweight construction. Here the expertise and experience of the joro specialists come to the fore in a special way. For example, joro door leaves are much easier to handle both during installation and in use.

Benefits and special features:

  • Very low weight per unit area, 1300x3000 mm door leaf weighs only approx. 62 kg
  • Low operating forces to open and close the doors
  • Single and double leaf design possible
  • Door leaves also optionally possible with increased climate stability
  • Easy installation when used as sliding doors:
  • Small filigree and inexpensive sliding door fittings possible
  • Very quiet running characteristics

Lightweight doors product data sheet

Here you can download our data sheet with dimensions/requirements and product parameters for lightweight construction as a PDF.

joro PDF Download

Larger dimensions on request.

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