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joro Highlights


These details make the difference.

Whether solid-colored laminate, zero-joint technology, joro edge protection or asymmetrical coating etc., joro advises its customers with decades of door expertise. Focusing on the specific property and the objectives, together with you the joro specialists will work out the best possible solution for your situation. In doing so we not only look at the optics, but also at the use of high-quality materials that are best suited for the purpose and guarantee the best feasibility and functionality.

Technology highlights

joro Nullfugentechnik

joro zero joint technology

On request, you can have particularly careful gluing, so that the surface transitions on the frame edges are barely visible. This not only looks particularly high quality. The doors are also better protected against moisture. joro zero joint technology thus ensures easier maintenance and sustainably good looks – even with heavy use.


  • Considerably better optics, especially with light or particularly dark surfaces
  • Better performance characteristics
  • Heavy duty, moisture resistant
  • Also possible with waterproof glue


  • High-quality residential, hotel and large-scale projects
joro Türspaltöffnung

joro door gap opening

A fitting integrated into the door leaf edge makes a visibly mounted locking bracket superfluous. So the door can be opened a crack from the inside very easily and safely. This protects against unwelcome visitors or simply helps with ventilation. Typical joro: clever down to the last detail.


  • Much better optics than conventional locking bars
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Extremely robust and reliable
  • No incorrect operation possible


  • Hotel sector

joro edge protection

In hotels – as elsewhere too – door frames have to withstand a lot. If trolley cases or other objects keep bumping into them or getting stuck, stable edges are in particular demand. joro has developed an extremely elegant solution for this – joro edge protection: metal pilaster strips embedded in the door frame edges reinforce the edges in a visually sophisticated and durable manner. In this way, they ensure a high-quality look even with heavy continuous use.


  • Permanently hard-wearing door frame edges
  • Quality design
  • Better performance characteristics


  • Hotel sector
  • High quality housing
  • Schools, kindergartens
durchgefärbte joro Schichtstoffe

joro solid-colored laminate

Door surfaces are coated with an HPL or CPL decorative layer in the desired color. With conventional doors, this upper layer of paint is often very thin and applied to a black carrier material. This is visible in the edge area and even with small scratches the carrier layer quickly shines through.

Not so with joro! Our decorative coatings are solid-colored on request. This means you get a uniform color of your choice at the edges and minor damage to the surface is barely noticeable due to the deep color.


  • No black "underlay" visible in the edge area
  • Scratches in the surface are barely visible
  • Much better performance characteristics


  • Hotel sector
  • High-quality residential and large-scale projects

joro lightweight construction


joro has also managed to implement XXL formats in a special lightweight construction. Here the expertise and experience of the joro specialists come to the fore in a special way. For example, joro door leaves are much easier to handle both during installation and in use. A benefit noticeable for a long time.

joro light door leaves

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  • Significantly easier handling
  • Low vibrations when closing
  • Lower opening and closing forces
  • Low loads during transport and installation of the door leaves


  • Anywhere

joro asymmetric coatings


Whether in hotels, museums, listed buildings or in buildings with different color or design concepts in the rooms on either side of a door: there are many reasons for asymmetrically designed door surfaces. If a hallway is designed in a more rustic style, but a room or office opening off it is kept more modern, it makes sense to choose an asymmetrically coated joro door: outside with a rustic surface structure and wood decor, inside perhaps with a lacquered high-gloss surface. Let your ideas run wild.


  • High-tech door leaf structures make asymmetrical surface looks possible: one side with a colored high-gloss lacquer, the other side corrugated surface structures
  • Versatile design options
  • Supports unique design concepts

Door highlights

große joro Nischentüren

joro niche doors

This special door element adapts to its surroundings and disappears into its flat wall niche when open. The niche door is unobtrusive thanks to the narrow joints and the surface in the same color as the wall – and can thus be integrated as a fire compartment door, for example.

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joro Schiebetüren

joro sliding doors

Up to 4 m wide and extremely easy to use thanks to lightweight construction and flush-fitting handle strips over the entire height of the door leaf – also for children and senior citizens. On request, joro sliding doors can also be manufactured in a lightweight construction – with a weight per unit area of only around 16kg/m². This results in lower opening and closing forces and smaller guide rail dimensions.

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XXL Tür mit Herrn Rohwetter

joro XXL doors


joro XXL doors are a direct consequence and major benefit of joro lightweight construction. Due to the low weight per unit area, door leaf formats up to 3.8 m high and 2.3 m wide as well as sliding doors up to 4 m wide are possible. This opens up a wide range of options for you and your creative interior designers for bold experiments in interior design. Of course, joro XXL doors are also available as fire and soundproof doors.

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